Free ground shipping to the lower 48 US States on most mini-excavator thumbs!


customer reviews

  1. Dennis

    Have a 50G , my thoughts were this can't be right, BUT sure enough ordered, shipped, installed. Thumb was a great price with SHIPPING included. I cannot be more satisfied with product!
  2. Randall Newton

    Unmatched quality, shipped fast, packaged correctly, easy to install, worked the first time, great finish. I especially like the way the tubes go all the way throught the sides and then all are welded on both sides to make it stronger than original OEM. Awesome! I would also suggest getting a large strong snap ring plyer to help with the installation. I highly recommend.
  3. faumbag

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  4. Martin Miller

    I reluctantly ordered a thumb kit for a Bobcat e45 mini. Reluctant because it was $1000 less expensive than another brand. I was very impressed with the quality of product and expert packaging. Even the UPS guy commented favorably on the way it was prepared for shipping. All of the headache of hoses, pins, and cylinders are taken away since everything you need is in the kit. Ox Thumbs for the win!
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Ox Thumbs product are proudly made in the USA.